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undo! undo!, [text] ctrl + z, 07

June 2015



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[NCIS] McGee is BUSY, 04, tiiiiiired

Alphabet Meme

1. Pick a letter, then pick a word that starts with that letter.
2. Supply a character or pairing to accompany that word.
[Fandoms I can hopefully handle: Marvel comics (including the Evo cartoon and X-Men films), DC comics (including the JLU and Teen Titans cartoons), Star Trek XI, NCIS, Firefly/Serenity, That 70's Show, Harry Potter (tertiary/NextGen characters preferred), Pride & Prejudice, Star Trek TNG (probably), ER (sometimes), Scrubs (maybe)]
3. Repeat steps 1&2 as many times as desired.
4. I will then drabble for you.
5. Please Note: you can duplicate a character or pairing that someone has already suggested, but each letter can only be used once.
6. And much joy will be had by all (we hope).

Claims List

A is for Aardvark. (T7S; Kelso)
B is for Beastly. (DCU; Batman, Zatanna)
C is for Comfortable. (HP; Teddy Lupin)
D is for Dildo. (MU; Young Avengers)
E is for Ellipsis. (STXI; Scotty, Gaila)
F is for Failure. (STTNG; Data/Geordi)
G is for Gargle. (Firefly/Serenity)
H is for Handle (with care). (NCIS; Tony/Ziva)
I is for Ignite. (XME; Jean Grey)
J is for Juju. (MU; Magik, Shadowcat)
K is for Kite. (DCU; Zatanna)
L is for Lollapalooza. (STXI; Scotty)
M is for Maxia Zeta. (STTNG; Picard, Riker)
N is for Niblets. (Scrubs; Turk/JD/Cox)
O is for Orange. (NCIS; DiNozzo)
P is for Policy. (STXI; Rand, Q)
Q is for Quickie. (STXI; McCoy/Chapel)
R is for Regret. (MU; Mirage)
S is for Smote. (STXI; Q)
T is for Transporter. (STXI)
U is for Undercover. (Nikita)
V is for Volcano. (JLU; Batman/Wonder Woman)
W is for Watermelon. (MU; Polaris, Mirage)
X is for X-Rated. (MU; Mirage, Cannonball)
Y is for Yonder. (MU; Spider-Woman, Outlaw)
Z is for Zipper. (STTNG; Riker)

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Hello! Wandered over from mccoy_chapel. :D Hmmm... prompting.

P- policy, Janice Rand & Q (he's sure to turn up in STXI someday)

C- comfortable, Teddy Lupin. :)
Yay! :D I'll make sure to link you whenever they're done. (It may be a short while, just to warn.)


Late fill is late.

C is for Comfortable.
F For Failure (STTNG Data/Geordi))
Z Is for ZIpper (STTNG Riker)
Ooh, TNG! A challenge! I like it. :D It may take a little time but I'll link you once they're completed. ^^


F is for Failure.

(Better late than never, right?)
Hi! This is a really cool idea.

H is for Handle (with care) NCIS Tony/Ziva
Thanks! It may take a little time but I'll link you once the drabble's finished. :)

(Dude, how cute was that in last night's episode, omg!)
Super cute! I love those two (and, well, everyone else on the show).
Totes. :D It was so sweet. (I thought she was going to ask him if he would shoot the guy. >.> Not as heartwarming.)
No. But it would've been hilarious.
Or incredibly awkward. Hee.
E is for Ellipsis. Star Trek XI Scotty/Gaila (Het or gen fic, I don't care which).
Added to the list! :) Will post a link when it's finished.
Q for Quickie (it's your own fault for giving me the idea :P) - Bones and Chapel.. lmao.

D- dildo - your choice! Marvel x-men.

Now I'm done being mean.

K - Kite : Zatanna

Damni i meant to change that to Young Avengers for D ulz.
Hahaha. I see I've given you terrible ideas! Damn my own eyes. ;)

I'll link you when they're done. :D ♥